One thought on “#13 Weekly Tech Report – iPhone 5C & 5S / Motorola X Phone / 64 bit Mobile Computing

  • January 12, 2014 at 3:09 pm

    @Amith Bhawani : Sir, when was the last time you checked your notifications without having to touch the power key (which is a boon, it is the single greatest invention for a smart phone in the past couple of years), when was the last time you actually ordered your phone to set an alarm or a reminder or anything that Google Now offers (again a true characteristic of a 'smart' phone).
    -As for the battery life, you should put your phone to a normal day use. The first day of a phone is always used to explore due to which battery life is expected to drain out soon.
    – The camera, are you a photographer to be using a 20 megapixel camera (which is such a hype, 10 mpx is more than enough to share a pic on FB), use a Digi-Cam or better a DSLR
    – You in your review seem biased, most are stung by a Samsung fever, most are stung by their humuongous screens and it looks you are also one of the victims.
    – You have not discussed about the Active Notification, the fact that Motorola is the only company that lets you decide the accents, back plate options and the storage space.
    -You do not realise, the current phone you are using, am assuming a S4 or S3 or any typical Samsaang, makes you run here and there looking for a charger.
    -Lastly, if you run the GPU tests Moto X outperforms many of its biggest competitors.

    Please consider these points and re-review the Moto X. 



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